Understanding the Types of Shoe Construction for Men's Leather Footwear

At Jonathan Abel, we're all about that perfect blend of killer looks and top-notch build. Sure, you've probably heard us rave about the Goodyear Welt and Blake Stitch before – they're like the rockstars of leather shoe construction. But hey, there are some more we’d like to talk about with you. Let’s chat about some other awesome techniques that make men’s shoes stand out in the crowd.

Kicking It with GYW and Blake Stitch

First things first, let’s give a little nod to GYW and Blake Stitch. The GYW is the tough one, built to last and easy to fix up, kind of like that reliable friend who’s always there for you. Then there’s the Blake Stitch, the sleek, stylish one in the group, giving you that sharp, close-cut look but with a bit less of the GYW’s rainproof vibe. The following are the other types of shoe construction.

  • Blake-Rapid Stitch: Imagine the elegance of the Blake Stitch but with a cool upgrade. A slap on an extra midsole layer, so you get that chic look plus a boost in sturdiness and weather defence. 
  • Bologna Construction: Straight out of Italy, this one’s for the comfort kings. Picture sliding your foot into a cloud that looks as dapper as a classic dress shoe. Yep, that’s the Bologna for you, melding luxury with a ‘walking on air’ feel.
  • Cemented Construction: This one’s sleek, straightforward, and doesn’t mess around. The sole is glued right onto the upper, giving you a light, trendy shoe that’s easy on the wallet too. Perfect for those who love to stay ahead of the fashion curve.
  • Moccasin Construction: A nod to ancient craftsmanship, this style wraps your foot in a single piece of leather, offering comfort that’s through the roof. It’s casual, it’s cool, and it screams laid-back sophistication.
  • Opanka Construction: For those who appreciate the art of shoemaking, this hand-sewn beauty offers flexibility like no other, making each step feel like a breeze. It’s all about moving with you, in style
  • Storm/Norwegian Welt: This is the tank of shoe construction, folks. If you’re battling the elements but want to keep your feet snug and stylish, this is your go-to. It’s like a shield for your feet, without compromising on that suave look.

At Jonathan Abel, we're passionate about crafting shoes that aren't just a treat for your feet but are a testament to enduring style and craftsmanship. Our collections are made in goodyear welt construction, ensuring every pair is a perfect mix of fashion, comfort, and longevity. 

We believe that a true gentleman’s shoe is not just about impeccable construction but also about the unique story it tells. Imagine customising your pair with a selection of premium leathers, hand-finished patinas, and distinctive detailing that reflects your personal style and flair. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a personal trademark, a piece of art that speaks volumes about the wearer. Our commitment to this personalised journey transforms ordinary footwear into a bespoke masterpiece, ensuring that each step you take is a testament to your individual elegance and discerning taste.

Embracing Sustainability with Timeless Elegance

In an era where sustainability is not just valued but vital, we at Jonathan Abel are dedicated to crafting shoes that not only stand the test of time but also uphold the principles of eco-conscious fashion. We’re blending traditional techniques with innovative, sustainable practices to ensure that our shoes are not only durable and stylish but also kind to the planet. Our approach is about making a positive impact, one step at a time.